Self service
After-sale service
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    After sale service related matters please contact the distribution unit or the company's future service center, the normal installation quality problems, 30 Department of internal medicine, free replacement of the company with the same type of products from the date of purchase. Can enjoy 5 years of free warranty, life-long repair. In product quality problems during the warranty period, you can speak products sent back free repair: beyond the warranty period of the product failure, the company to provide repair service, but need to user limit material fees are freight.
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    The users correctly in accordance with the instructions to use the product case, the company to repair faulty products, to buy time on the basis of distribution units or the company out of the purchase invoice or receipt.
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    Users in the purchase of goods 7 days due to damage of improper installation or other reasons, replacement protocol failure, can only provide warranty service, and the service fees.
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    In the case of the warranty, but provide repair service, only charge the cost of materials:
    A. all man-made factors, including not according to the directions prompted to install and non normal damage caused by the use of;
    B. users without damage caused by modified;
    C. users buy damage due to improper transportation, storage;
    D. because of force majeure (such as fire. Flood, earthquake) damage.
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    All of the company's products with the warranty card, warranty, and bring the purchase invoice or data.
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    The right of revision and interpretation power more than 6 terms to the company.
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