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Business concept

Customer value oriented and profit cash oriented.

FEDERAL culture

We are strive and share together!

Our service idea include individuation, specialization and humanization.We provide guests with personalized professional creative solutions, at the same time, create a business environment full of human-caring.Professional designers with international vision,are good at using visual marketing to combine plane visual and commercial space organically. Therefore we can provide clients with systematic professional solutions, and to realize the added value of the brand and sales force increase greatly. Meanwhile, our service is Human-centered, starting from the subjective feeling of people to realize the real needs of space and environment through personalized professional design.To create the most comfortable commercial space. 

Our team
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Yuhuan federal sanitary ware manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company with more than 10 years of professional production FEDERAL brand sanitary ware manufacturing company. We are committed to providing customers with high lever faucet and OEM and ODM service for global health services. Our main customers are health importers and wholesalers and large hotel project procurement.   备案号:浙ICP备18046045号-1