Global sanitary ware market demand exceeds supply,there appeared mature faucet industry chain in Yuhuan. Foreign trade exports volume increased year by year, in this atmosphere Yuhuan Federal Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded under the leadership of Chairman Chen Qiyue. Chen with a bigger, stronger, international concept, participated in the 96th session of the Canton Fair. The original site was located in the Xu Dou industrial area Qing Gang town, plant area is 800 square meters, the company employs only seven.
As the business growth, and in the pursuit of higher quality philosophy, the Federal introduced the first CNC machine tools.
Successfully developed a spring kitchen faucet, becoming the region's first spring faucet manufacturers in Yuhuan and creating a precedent for the plumbing industry in Yuhuan. It is because of this star product-LB-8001, sales volume continue to climb, breaking 7 million, thus Federal faucet successful entering the German market.
In 2007, the Federal members increased from7 to more than 50, moved to the standard factory rental in Lupu industry city from the village's small workshops Xu Dou industrial area Qinggang town.
The financial crisis was an opportunity also a challenge for us, Federal get French ACS certification, ISO: 9001 certification
In order to better unite and help employees realizing their dreams, linking bonus reward system set up, each employee's earnings were closely linked with the company's sales, which inspired employees ’ enthusiasm and cohesion.
Federal build laboratory for quality, and the output value increased 70% in the same year
Federal was rated as "CHINA FAMOUS BRAND"
After eight years of outstanding performance, Federal had its own factory in Bingang industrial area Shamen, construction area was 120,000 square meters, more than 100 members in company. In the same year our company won the honor-patent model enterprises in Zhejiang.
FEDERAL was rated as “Advanced Unit of Security Production in Taizhou City”
With technology innovation, we developed a robot polishing project, and set up Taizhou Federal Robot Technology Company Limited.
FEDERAL was passed the internationally renowned certification agent- BSCI company inspection
On the basis of the existing automatic polishing machine, FEDERAL put auto CNC in front of it, improve work efficiency.
FEDERAL makes first touch technology faucet, move a big step in the ware industry.
Yuhuan federal sanitary ware manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company with more than 10 years of professional production FEDERAL brand sanitary ware manufacturing company. We are committed to providing customers with high lever faucet and OEM and ODM service for global health services. Our main customers are health importers and wholesalers and large hotel project procurement.   备案号:浙ICP备18046045号-1