Certificate of honor
  • CE: It's a mark of safety certification, is looked as a PP for manufacturer to enter Europe market.
Approval of quality
  • Approval of customer
    It's easy to get approval from one customer, but defficult from many. Mr.Wang, live in Shanghai. 7 years ago, he chose our product through a lot of contrast, still with Excellent performance recently. He said that he only choose the good quality products and he firmly believe that the high price with the high quelity.Due to the demolition of his community in the yaer before last, this time he choose our faucet again and recommend it to his neighbours. Then we get many great feedbacks. Only can good quality to withstand the test. "Eisl" use quality of prodcts as backup force in 10 years, and the approval of customers allow us to thrive.

  • Approval of purchasing agent
    FEDERAL to carry out foreign business and domestic business simultaneously.New products will be launched every year, not only to change the exterior design, but add more high-tech and personalized eiements into products.We have a good reputation for many years, that owe to the good technology advantage rather than the price.We own many stable clients, because we can supply the goods with stable quality. It's just a foundation of cooperation between purchasing clients and us in 10 years.
  • Approval of designer

    Our designer with health, energy saving, environmental protection as the core, We have got the usage habit of people through measured the height of each tap water dripping, and used the simple line to shape the golden ratio. This is design style be recommended in Nordic, also design essence for us.Even after the changes of the time, there are still delicate and graceful element in our products. Our products are becoming the first choice of more and more decoration designer to express them simple design concept.

  • Approval of constructor
    FEDERAL tap's saleroom keep the enormous growth in many yaers, it's profit from the trust, support and recommend of constructors. In many field, our products are looked as the most reliable sanitary ware, and they recommend our faucet to clients of them. Meanwhile, our design of product structure caused a lot of convenience for their late for installation and maintenance.We not only considering the actual construction situation during product design process, but also conduct product training work for constructors in the country to help them know more about us, and further standardize product installation and maintenance.

Yuhuan federal sanitary ware manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company with more than 10 years of professional production FEDERAL brand sanitary ware manufacturing company. We are committed to providing customers with high lever faucet and OEM and ODM service for global health services. Our main customers are health importers and wholesalers and large hotel project procurement.   备案号:浙ICP备18046045号-1